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Mission or Maintenance?

In the life of every group, and especially every church, there is the tendency to shift from a focus on "mission" to simply holding on to or taking care of what we already have - "maintenance." Here at Acorn we realized that we were falling for that same stale habit, but the Spirit woke us up.

As a congregation we are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission (Making Disciples) by living out the Greatest Commands (Loving God and Loving You). We display this by getting involved in local ministries that are serving the people of our county and beyond. This goes beyond sending checks. We send our time and effort as well. We collect food and help set up apartments for victims of domestic abuse. We show up to support those dealing with unexpected pregnancies. We help do laundry for the homeless. We take time out of every assembly to see what is going on in local ministries and find ways we can pitch in during the week. Further it shows in how we take care of each other.

Loving people in the name of God and bringing them to Jesus is our mission. We would love to have you come and be a part of that.

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